Book of Beasts, the strategic Collectible Card Game, is played by placing Beast Cards, depicting the eponymous beasts inspired by mythical tales from around the world on a battle field where two beast summoners try to outwit each other with their card decks. In the game that targets a mid-core audience, players score points by smartly connecting the five elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit.

The app allows players to participate in online battles against opponents across the globe as well as AI challengers for training purposes. The experience is rounded up with functions for selling and buying new Beast Cards and an extensive card collection tool where players can create their own decks as well as dive deep into the lore of Book of Beasts.

Connect cards


Connect beast cards to score.

All cards played in a turn must be placed next to each other.

Gems can only be connected to the same gem or to blank edges.


Played with a deck of 20 cards

Shuffle your deck

Start of the game: each player draws 4 cards

End turn: fill up your hand to 4 cards if you have less

End of turn – Counting points

Mana Points

Each new gem connection awards Mana Points according to the lower of the two gem values.

Trinity Bonus

If at least 3 different gems are connected in a turn, the player gets 2 bonus points.

Mana Pool

If all gems on a card with a Mana Pool are connected, the player gets the score indicated on the pool symbol.

End of the game

  • If it’s a player’s turn and they have no more cards in their hand and deck, the game ends immediately.
  • The player with most Mana Points wins.

Card types

Beast cards

Connect beast cards to score.

Turn Spell cards

Instant effect, no longer valid after the turn

Battle Spell cards

Lasting effect for all players. Active until a new Battle Spell card is played.

Spell cards

  • You can only play spell cards at the beginning of your turn.
  • You can only play a maximum of 2 spell cards per turn.
  • At the start of your turn, you can optionally reshuffle each spell card back into your deck and draw another card which then is not possible to be reshuffled again.

Pro tips

Deck Building:
Build your own decks in your card collection and play with your own creations. You are only permitted a maximum of 2 of each card in your deck. Find out how you can make your deck even better with new cards.

Deck Building:
Each category of gems (Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit) has different advantages. Combine them with matching one-time and lasting spell cards for maximum points.

Deck Building:
The relationship between beast cards and spell cards is crucial to your strategy. Make sure that you experiment and find the right balance according to your selected strategy.

Block your opponents from forming good combinations by using the blank edges on your beast cards. This helps you, for instance, prevent your opponents from making high-scoring links which have yet to be made.

Resource management
When you use spell cards to take cards from your opponents, you reduce the total number of points they can collect. But be careful – this can also cost you valuable points. The same applies to abruptly ending the game.

Cards with Mana Pools can often be surrounded when they are placed if you plan correctly. Be careful with Pools – if you do not surround them yourself, your opponents may be able to.

Opponent’s hand
The final step towards becoming a Book of Beasts master is analysing and taking into account the opponent’s hand in your own planning. Closely examine what your opponents can do with their remaining cards and strategize accordingly.