Book of Beasts starts 2021: leaderboards, avatars, world map

Greetings summoners! We are excited to share what we are working on for our next releases of Book of Beasts. During the last weeks we have carefully collected your valuable feedback and have worked on concepts for the next features in Book of Beasts, which we will release over the course of the upcoming months of 2021.


As a first step in customising your player experience you will be able to choose from a first set of summoner portraits that will become your avatar in battle. Of course this is just the beginning and we will add more summoners along our journey together. Introducing more characters will allow us to tell more about the world of Book of Beasts and its stories.

World Map

Talking about the world of Book of Beasts: we’re especially excited to start uncovering the land in which Book of Beasts takes place. In the game, it will be possible to battle new AI summoners and unlock them so you can choose their portrait as your own avatar.


A leaderboard to compare your experience with other summoners has been an early request. While we are collecting all wins in the background already, we have been working on a concept to show how you are doing in the game.

And of course we are working on many more improvements to make Book of Beasts a delight! Let us know on our Discord channel if you want to share your experience and discuss these and other features with us!

See you in the arena, summoners!

… and before we forget: here is a code to get a Spell Card: deepdive